July’s Plant of the Month – Tomato

Basil and Tomatoes are considered a match made in Heaven! That is why we have chosen the Tomato as our Plant of the Month for July.

  • Recipes:  Sides, Soups, Part of Salads or Mains
  • Growing:  April – October
  • Zone:  3-10
  • Where:  Full Sun (at least 8 hrs of sunlight per day).
  • Versatile Planting:  Can be planted in a bag, pot, container or in-ground.
  • Tools:  A trellis or tomato cage
  • Fun Fact:  Did you know that Tomatoes are considered a fruit or vegetable depending on context.
    • Why is a tomato is a fruit?  It’s actually classified as a berry because it has seeds inside and side and fl
    • Why is a tomato considered vegetable at times? Since tomato’s have a much lower sugar content than other fruits it’s typically used as a vegetable like in a salad, or part of a main meal, rather than a dessert.

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