Fact or Fiction Friday – Carrots & Your Eyes

Throughout history we have been told to “Eat carrots, There good for your eyes!” In history, the British convinced the Germans that the excessive eating of carrots improves vision in the dark.

But can Carrots help us see in complete darkness?

Unfortunately, this magic power is still a magic power as carrots can’t make you see in complete darkness but since they are a great source of beta-carotene and Vitamin A they may help improve your eye sight. Studies have shown that the nutrients in Carrots helps the eye to convert light into a signal that is sent to the brain, helping to make us see better in the dark.

For someone who is healthy it wouldn’t hurt to eat carrots in general but eating carrots may not improve your eyes however, for someone who suffers from a Vitamin-A deficiency eating carrots may help prevent night blindness.

In the long run…..

Carrots can improve vision in the dark is half-myth and half-truth!

There’s more to Carrots?!?!

Carrots contain a lot more nutrients than Beta Carotene and Vitamin A. They contain a wide variety of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals such as:

Lutein, Vitamin K, Pectin, Biotin, Potassium, carotenoids, and is a Carbohydrate that ranks low on the glycemic index.

Carrots may protect against several types of cancers in the heart, colon, stomach and prostate; reduce the risk of heart disease; beneficial for diabetes; and may help boost the immune system.

You might say what do Carrots not help with… our answer is very little.

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