History of Carrots

Trust us this is not another boring history lesson. Well at least not for us! The Carrot can be traced back over 5,000 years where evidence has shown that it originated in Afghanistan.

A Carrots Journey

Traders Traveling through Afghanistan picked up carrot seeds over the centuries and traded them along the trade routes of Asia, Arabia, and Africa. Carrots have even been found in Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh’s tombs.

Early on Greeks didn’t eat carrots but instead they used it for medicinal purposes. At times throughout history carrots were even thought to be an aphrodisiac. Europe began the cultivation of carrots by the 13th century! Carrots were introduced to America in 1609 but didn’t start getting developed until in 1871 however, it didn’t become popular until after WWI

The Carrot Gets Its Name

The name “Carrot” came from the derivatives of the Greek, Latin and French words. The Latin name Daucus carota most influenced its present name that came from the French who name it carotte.


In the past there were many varieties of carrots in all sorts of colors like purple, white, black, and red however not Orange! These early varieties weren’t sweet and succulent like the carrots that we know today.

The Dutch actually were the first to cross-breed the yellow and red carrot to produce a the orange carrot that we know today. Which became quickly popular.

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