Did you know? The Watermelon addition.

Another Fruit or Vegetable situation?

Just like tomatoes, Watermelon can be thought of as a fruit and a vegetable. They grow like a fruit originating from flowers and they contain seeds whereas, gardeners think of them as vegetables since they grow like and are classified as part of the gourd family.

Variety! Variety! Variety!

Watermelon comes in 1,200 different varieties which are typically divided into 4 main categories:

  • Seeded a.k.a. Picnic
  • Seedless
  • Mini a.k.a. Icebox a.k.a. your own personal watermelon!
  • Yellow/Orange

For more information, click here!

It can grow, grow, grow….

The Guinness Book of World Records” reports the largest watermelon weighing at a whopping 350.5 lbs!

Watermelon Art

Amazing artists have created art from carving watermelons. Click here, to check them out!

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