Plant of the Month Recipes – January – Broccoli

Broccoli is a cool-season crop that loves sun! It does take a long time to mature, so patience is key! But is all worth it because Broccoli is rich in vitamins and minerals. When to Plant: Broccoli should be started in late winter or early spring for an early summer crop. Goal is to getContinue reading “Plant of the Month Recipes – January – Broccoli”

Pomegranate – Life or Death

Pomegranate has two meanings: Life and Death. We will let you be the judge of which one. Fertility In different mythologies, cultures and religions, Pomegranates have a symbol of life and fertility owing to their many seeds but is also known as a symbol of power, paradise, temptation, blood, death, beauty and eternal life. Scientific studiesContinue reading “Pomegranate – Life or Death”

Plant of the Month Recipes – December – Pomegranate

For those who may not know, Pomegranates are these yummy reddish-purplish fruits that vary in taste of a sweet-tart favoring based the degree of ripeness. The seeds of the pomegranate can taste a little sour (like ripe cherries) to fairly share (like uncooked cranberries). When to Plant: Pomegranate shrubs/trees are best planted after your zone’sContinue reading “Plant of the Month Recipes – December – Pomegranate”

All about Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts not only taste yummy but they also have a boast of many many nutrients that have been linked to several healthy benefits. Nutrients Low in calorie, approx 28 calories, 11g of carbs and 4g of protein. Good source of plant protein High in Fiber – 1/2 a cup contains 2 grams of fiber;Continue reading “All about Brussels Sprouts”

Plant of the Month Recipes – November – Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are these wonderful little cabbage looking vegetables. They have a sweet, nutty and smoky flavor that’s hard to resist. Brussels vary in taste depending on the size and method of cooking. For maximum flavor we would suggest roasting them to bring out the natural sugars and give them that crispy and caramelized texture yumminess. WhenContinue reading “Plant of the Month Recipes – November – Brussels Sprouts”

The History of an Apple Tree

ORIGIN Scientists believe that apples were first domesticated in south Kazakhstan as early as 2000 BC. The Greeks and Romans actually introduced the apple to North Africa and Europe. Apple Trees are actually a member of the Rose Family and the strawberry, plum, pear and blackberry fruits are actually sisters. Forbidden Fruit Apples have appearedContinue reading “The History of an Apple Tree”

Apple Tree Companion Plants

Apples go great in all types of dishes but what if you could plant other fruits, vegetables or herbs to be ready at the same time as when the Apple Tree starts producing. Below is a list of companion plants that should also be ready to harvest in October for some really yummy combination recipes.Continue reading “Apple Tree Companion Plants”

Did you know? The Apple Edition

Variety There are more than 7,500 apple varieties wordwide with more than 2,500 varieties are grown in the US where its the second most-valued grown fruit. Come in all shades of red, green, and yellow as well as tastes such as sweet, tart and many mixed varieties. NUTRITION Fat-free, cholesterol free, has 5 grams ofContinue reading “Did you know? The Apple Edition”

Plant of the Month Recipes – October – Apple

It’s October, cool crisp fall is in the air, the leaves are turning colors, the smell of pumpkin spice in every store, festivals and best of all apple picking. This is why we made Apple our Plant for the Month for October. Apples are absolutely delicious, sweet, sometimes tart and very low calorie fruit. WhenContinue reading “Plant of the Month Recipes – October – Apple”