You are what you eat.

Carrots can make your skin orange!

Our favorite plant this month, the carrot (or any beta-carotene rich produce), can turn your skin sort of orange! Research and proof has shown that if you eat to much carrots (3 a day for like ever) can turn your skin an orange-yellowish color. This is known as “carotenemia”. This also can happen eating a lot of tomatoes but it’s called “lycopenemia”

Sugary Drinks & Dementia.

Various of studies have shown that people who drink a lot of artificially sweetened drinks per day were almost three times more likely to develop dementia.

Fast food as the same impact on the liver as Hepatitis.

Eating fast food consistently can cause significant changes to your liver due to the amount of fat and saturated fats. These changes in liver enzymes are similar to the effects of hepatitis.

Genes & Nutrients

We cannot change our genes, but we can change the environment which impacts how our genes manifest. A study called Nutrigenomics looks at how food may interact with specific genes to modify the risk of common chronic diseases. The study seeks to identify the molecules in a diet that affect health by altering the structure of genes. As an example, this study showed that diseases such as Type II diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stroke and certain cancers can be prevented by changing the food we eat which impacts how our genes manifests.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Yes, this old saying is true! Apples contain a rich source of a variety of phytonutrients and strong antioxidants. Studies have shown that apples may reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease, asthma, diabetes, some cancers, and lower cholesterol.

Plant of the Month – Aug – Carrot

For the month of August we decided to make the Carrot as our favorite plant of the month. Why do you say the Carrot? Well the carrot is a root vegetable that is full of flavor and texture; can be grown in any climate; and are easy to grow.

Check out the below recipes to see the amazing Carrot recipes we have gathered, from Breakfast to Dessert to even a Cocktail!!

  • Growing: April – October; or Spring/Fall depending on harvest location
  • Zone: 3-10
  • Where: Full Sun
  • Planting: Plant directly into the ground as they do not like to be transplanted
  • Fun Facts:
    • Are not just orange! They come in many varieties that vary in color from purple to white.
    • Can be grown with other plants like radishes!
    • Carrots are biennial. If you fail to harvest and leave the carrots in the ground, the tops will flower and produce seeds in the next year







Tomatoes in Potholes, Movies and Science!

Pothole Tomatoes

Yes, apparently tomatoes can grow in potholes. This nature vs man is located in Jackson, MI. The town has left a pothole untouched for so long that a tomato plant started to grow. Unfortunately, the tomatoes are inedible due to sewage building up at the bottom of the pothole and a storm drainage issue

Movie Tomatoes

This B-rated movie was made in the late 70’s to spoof other B-rate movies. The long and short version details of this movie is that its about tomatoes coming a live by unknown means and attacking humans. By the Way they made 3 sequels. A must see for all tomato lovers.

The Cry of the Tomato

Scientists have discovered that the tomato plant can send a signal (aka a cry) when being attacked. It emits a chemical distress signal causing the rest of the plant to defend itself by summoning help from a wasp! For example, when caterpillars eat it’s leaves, the leaf pores release chemicals that are detected by a wasp that lays eggs inside the caterpillar. However, experiments have also shown that caterpillars can strike back with an enzyme in their saliva which interferes with the tomato plants ability to cry for help. Who do you think will win this predator vs prey battle?

Tomato Companion Plants

Not only can you plant Tomato’s in July but you can ALSO plant Companion Plants that will help it grow, help prevent diseases/bugs and use them together in Recipes!


Its a bit of a coincidence that our Plant of the Month for June was Basil as these plants pair so well not only together on a plate but also in the garden. There is also research that shows that Basil may even make your tomato’s taste better and may increase growth! Click here Plant of the Month Recipes for some healthy recipes!


What goes well with Basil and Tomato? You guessed it Cucumbers! Why not make something with all three? Click on the picture for a Healthy Tomato Cucumber Basil Salad!


Our favorite list for Companion Plants for Tomato’s can go on and on but if you forced us to choose our next favorite would be Carrots. These two together share space really well together and also taste amazing together! Plus don’t tell anyone we told you, but you can also throw in some basil, such as in this amazing healthy soup! Click on the image for the recipe!

Did you know?

Did you know that there are over 10,000 varieties of tomatoes all over the world? Check out this amazing Tomato Lovers Guide from NatureFresh Farms.

The Tomato Lover’s Guide To Every Type Of Tomato


NatureFresh Farms™ Tomato Guide

July’s Plant of the Month – Tomato

Basil and Tomatoes are considered a match made in Heaven! That is why we have chosen the Tomato as our Plant of the Month for July.

  • Recipes:  Sides, Soups, Part of Salads or Mains
  • Growing:  April – October
  • Zone:  3-10
  • Where:  Full Sun (at least 8 hrs of sunlight per day).
  • Versatile Planting:  Can be planted in a bag, pot, container or in-ground.
  • Tools:  A trellis or tomato cage
  • Fun Fact:  Did you know that Tomatoes are considered a fruit or vegetable depending on context.
    • Why is a tomato is a fruit?  It’s actually classified as a berry because it has seeds inside and side and fl
    • Why is a tomato considered vegetable at times? Since tomato’s have a much lower sugar content than other fruits it’s typically used as a vegetable like in a salad, or part of a main meal, rather than a dessert.

Check out these amazing healthy Carrot recipes!







Plant of the Month Recipes – Basil

Did someone say Basil? We’re making it the Plant of the Month!

Why Basil?

  • Taste: This wonderful plant has a strong, pungent, often sweet smell with a taste somewhat like Anise.
  • Recipes: It can be used in everything from savory to desert dishes and can also be used in mixed drinks and smoothies!
  • Growing: Grows like wildflower!
  • When: Anytime in Spring, Zone 3-10
  • Where: Full Sun

Check out these amazing healthy dishes!


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Starting Together

Our gardens and gardening enthusiasm started like anyone else’s. By buying plants from a store like Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. however, we felt something was missing. Hence, this is where we started our journey of building our very own garden from scratch in a small section of our yard. We wanted to feel the joy and experience of growing something for ourselves. This is where we fell in love with the whole process! The planting of various seeds, seeing them grow and then if we were lucky enough to eat the things that grew or seeing their beauty flourish.

We then decided to share our experience and joy with everyone else. This blog will showcase our journey of starting our business of creating accessible garden plots for our community, Plant of the Week Recipes, Planting Kits, and More.

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