Pomegranate – Life or Death

Pomegranate has two meanings: Life and Death. We will let you be the judge of which one. Fertility In different mythologies, cultures and religions, Pomegranates have a symbol of life and fertility owing to their many seeds but is also known as a symbol of power, paradise, temptation, blood, death, beauty and eternal life. Scientific studiesContinue reading “Pomegranate – Life or Death”

All about Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts not only taste yummy but they also have a boast of many many nutrients that have been linked to several healthy benefits. Nutrients Low in calorie, approx 28 calories, 11g of carbs and 4g of protein. Good source of plant protein High in Fiber – 1/2 a cup contains 2 grams of fiber;Continue reading “All about Brussels Sprouts”

The History of an Apple Tree

ORIGIN Scientists believe that apples were first domesticated in south Kazakhstan as early as 2000 BC. The Greeks and Romans actually introduced the apple to North Africa and Europe. Apple Trees are actually a member of the Rose Family and the strawberry, plum, pear and blackberry fruits are actually sisters. Forbidden Fruit Apples have appearedContinue reading “The History of an Apple Tree”

Apple Tree Companion Plants

Apples go great in all types of dishes but what if you could plant other fruits, vegetables or herbs to be ready at the same time as when the Apple Tree starts producing. Below is a list of companion plants that should also be ready to harvest in October for some really yummy combination recipes.Continue reading “Apple Tree Companion Plants”

Inside-Out on Watermelon Seeds

The Old Wives’ Tale When we were young we were told that if we would swallow a Watermelon seed a Watermelon tree would grow inside of you. For decades, this myth stuck with all of us and made a bad name for Watermelon seeds. Nutritional Value Taking the seeds out actually dampens the nutritional valueContinue reading “Inside-Out on Watermelon Seeds”

Did you know? The Watermelon addition.

Another Fruit or Vegetable situation? Just like tomatoes, Watermelon can be thought of as a fruit and a vegetable. They grow like a fruit originating from flowers and they contain seeds whereas, gardeners think of them as vegetables since they grow like and are classified as part of the gourd family. Variety! Variety! Variety! WatermelonContinue reading “Did you know? The Watermelon addition.”

Fact or Fiction Friday – Carrots & Your Eyes

Throughout history we have been told to “Eat carrots, There good for your eyes!” In history, the British convinced the Germans that the excessive eating of carrots improves vision in the dark. But can Carrots help us see in complete darkness? Unfortunately, this magic power is still a magic power as carrots can’t make youContinue reading “Fact or Fiction Friday – Carrots & Your Eyes”

Plant of the Month Recipes – Basil

Did someone say Basil? We’re making it the Plant of the Month! Why Basil? Taste: This wonderful plant has a strong, pungent, often sweet smell with a taste somewhat like Anise. Recipes: It can be used in everything from savory to desert dishes and can also be used in mixed drinks and smoothies! Growing: GrowsContinue reading “Plant of the Month Recipes – Basil”