You are what you eat.

Carrots can make your skin orange! Our favorite plant this month, the carrot (or any beta-carotene rich produce), can turn your skin sort of orange! Research and proof has shown that if you eat to much carrots (3 a day for like ever) can turn your skin an orange-yellowish color. This is known as “carotenemia”. ThisContinue reading “You are what you eat.”

Tomatoes in Potholes, Movies and Science!

Pothole Tomatoes Yes, apparently tomatoes can grow in potholes. This nature vs man is located in Jackson, MI. The town has left a pothole untouched for so long that a tomato plant started to grow. Unfortunately, the tomatoes are inedible due to sewage building up at the bottom of the pothole and a storm drainageContinue reading “Tomatoes in Potholes, Movies and Science!”

Tomato Companion Plants

Not only can you plant Tomato’s in July but you can ALSO plant Companion Plants that will help it grow, help prevent diseases/bugs and use them together in Recipes! Basil Its a bit of a coincidence that our Plant of the Month for June was Basil as these plants pair so well not only togetherContinue reading “Tomato Companion Plants”

July’s Plant of the Month – Tomato

Basil and Tomatoes are considered a match made in Heaven! That is why we have chosen the Tomato as our Plant of the Month for July. Recipes:  Sides, Soups, Part of Salads or Mains Growing:  April – October Zone:  3-10 Where:  Full Sun (at least 8 hrs of sunlight per day). Versatile Planting:  Can beContinue reading “July’s Plant of the Month – Tomato”

Plant of the Month Recipes – Basil

Did someone say Basil? We’re making it the Plant of the Month! Why Basil? Taste: This wonderful plant has a strong, pungent, often sweet smell with a taste somewhat like Anise. Recipes: It can be used in everything from savory to desert dishes and can also be used in mixed drinks and smoothies! Growing: GrowsContinue reading “Plant of the Month Recipes – Basil”

Starting Together

Our gardens and gardening enthusiasm started like anyone else’s. By buying plants from a store like Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. however, we felt something was missing. Hence, this is where we started our journey of building our very own garden from scratch in a small section of our yard. We wanted to feel theContinue reading “Starting Together”