Apple Tree Companion Plants

Apples go great in all types of dishes but what if you could plant other fruits, vegetables or herbs to be ready at the same time as when the Apple Tree starts producing. Below is a list of companion plants that should also be ready to harvest in October for some really yummy combination recipes.


Wow! What a treat Beets surprisingly are! They have a earthy and have a surprisingly sweet taste. Cooking them can also change its taste and texture. One little warning about Beets is to wear gloves when handling them as they stain everything.

Beets can be canned, roasted, pureed, pickled, eaten raw and so much more. You can put beets in salads, juices, smoothies, main dishes and even desserts to name a few. Check out this amazing Beet and Apple Salad recipe.


What rhymes with October? Pumpkin! Well it doesn’t really rhyme but Pumpkin and Apple are like two perfect peas in a pod together in many dishes from Breakfast to Desserts. But what does Pumpkin actually taste like?

Nowadays you can find Pumpkin favored everything but real Pumpkin tastes like other squashes Pumpkin Spice is composed of cinnamon, ginger, allspice, cloves, and nutmeg which apples also pair well with. Check out this amazingly yummy Pumpkin Apple Crisp! Which can be eaten at any part of the day in our opinion.


Cucumbers have a mild, lightly sweet, cool, and refreshing taste. They also have very watery, juicy and almost a fresh taste.

Like apples they are mostly used fresh in salads, eaten raw as snacks and put into smoothies. Check out his awesome Cucumber Apple Salad!

Apple Trees need companion plants not only for recipes but also to prevent diseases and pests but to also help growth. Below is a list of plants that you can plant next to the apple tree in order to seek these wonderful natural benefits.


Rosemary is planted near Apple Trees to attract pollinators. You can typically grow rosemary in USDA hardiness zones 7-10 and they tend to favor drier weather over wet.

Rosemary is a fragrant herb that is slightly minty, sage-like with a bitter and woody aftertaste. Rosemary’s flavor is not reduced when it cooked and a little goes a long way. Rosemary goes well with many dishes but this one is our favorite! Click here for this Recipe!


Planting Leeks near an apple tree can help the growth of the apple tree. Leeks can also help prevent disease such as apple scab and similar fungal diseases. Leeks are a twofer as they are also ready to Harvest in October. So are sweet potato for that matter!

Leeks are related to garlic, chives, shallots, and onions. They taste sweet with an onion-y kind of flavor. Leeks are versatile and are used in many dishes and cuisines. Click here for this Recipe!


Long life is a key to the chive plant. It helps plants around them repel pests and help attract beneficial pollinators.

Like Leeks, Chives have an onion taste but are more mild. Chives are used world wide as a universal garnish, giving a hint of flavor and color to a wide range of dishes. Check out this yummy recipe!

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